3 Areas at Home That Could Contain Lead

Lead can be found in several areas at your London home and even at places of work in varying amounts. The danger it comes along with cannot be ignored. Research studies have revealed that there is a direct link between lead and cancer. It gets worse with children. Lead can easily cause stunted growth and other brain related conditions. The worst case scenarios can end in loss of lives. It can therefore be confidently stated that lead is a life threatening chemical element. The earlier one avoids it the better.

This article explains where you can find lead in your home. You will want to hire a lead removal expert in London.


Lead was a common ingredient for paint manufacture two decades ago. Homes features lead based paints nearly everywhere. The same paints used back then still grace homes today. That is why you have to take abatement measures if you live in an age old home, especially if you have kids.


Most pipes used in the 80s had lead. Back then, lead was the only friction resistant ingredient available. It was also ideal because it prolonged the lifespan of most products manufactured for domestic use. All these facts mean that the water you use at home could have traces of lead. Have an expert conduct the test before it is too late. This is especially common in Canadian areas like London.


It may be seen as weird but lead was a commonly used material in the making of toys, especially due to its durability and weight. The possibility of old the toys you used as a kid contained lead is real. Do not pass on the toys to your children.